Thursday, December 8, 2016

My campaign Artifact

So with my artifact I chose to do a billboard as you can see. I wanted to make the billboard look very simple yet creative. I wanted to keep the backgrounds in the photos that Skye took because it makes it more personal with the viewer if they live local to St. George. You can tell more that this is a local business with those backgrounds compared to if the backgrounds were a beach setting or something you can tell that wasn't local to the area.

I changed the width of the black outline around Scout and Cloth to match the outer rectangular shape of the billboard to fulfill the law of similarity. Personally me I think it would look a little off if it were a circle outline compared to what it is now.

Knowing people's short attention span especially when driving I thought the billboard didn't need the wording "Now introducing Men's Wear!" I thought that might have been too much, plus I think just having the guy on the billboard speaks for itself.

I blended both of the photos together with a white fade and I thought that would have been better for the viewers eye movement to easily scan the billboard, rather if the two photos kept their border then you would have had those two lines come down which would distract the eye.

I appreciate that Skye made the phone number on the website simple to remember. I feel it is a lot easier to remember the phone number if some of the numbers is replaced with a word. Also the word "scout" is written two other times on the board which one of the keys to remembering something is repetition. If the numbers were left instead of the word in the phone number then that would have been hard to remember because the numbers weren't repeated any wear else and we as humans connect letters to make a word a lot easier than connecting numbers to a group.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Scout and Cloth Campaign

- With our campaign we are doing a clothing store located here in St. George called Scout and Cloth. It does not have a men's clothing, so with our campaign we will be introducing men's clothing and enhancing the Logo and changes with the Web Design.

My Persona for our group campaign: Dan and Jane are an new married couple in their early twenties. They are both into stylish apparel and are wanting to look cute together while wearing a similar style of clothing that they are satisfied with. Jane loves everything about Scout and Cloth, but only wished they had a mens section. Then Jane finds out there is now a men's clothing line in the store. She introduces the store to Dan and both find success in wearing clothing that they are satisfied with and that match in style.

My artifact will be the video that will advertise Scout and Cloth and the personas entering the store.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Mis-en-Scene: Matrix - The Cinematographer view

The cinematographer or DP are known to be related to the eyes of the Director. They help tell the story through light and shadow. They direct certain shots to give certain effects which help the viewer  adopt the feelings needed to help understand the story or character.

Bill Pope - The cinematographer for Matrix

With this scene with the bullet time effect it really hasn't been done before. The many cameras that were set up in this shot were set up to fire sequentially and not at once to give the subject motion while the camera moves. If all the photos were taken at once than the subject or whatever was in the shot would stay still. This shot  gives the viewer a more timeless spaceless feeling as the camera moves through time.  Right before Neo is about to do his secret move we can notice a couple of principles. First off we see the law of continuity coming from the top edges of the roof which lead your eye to the center of the frame. This is where Neo is facing his enemy. When Neo's enemy starts firing his gun the bullet time effect comes into play and the scene starts with a high angle shot to let the viewer see Neo dodge the bullets as the shot moves. The shot then moves downward around Neo. When you start to see the front side of Neo there is fog or smoke in the background. I believe this was to help bring contrast between Neo and the background. At the end of the bullet time effect Neo is shot in the leg and falls down. Neo's sunglasses fall off and can't see with the sun beaming in his face until his enemy's gun blocks the sun which then Neo can see only to realize he is about to be shot by his enemy. The camera had to be overexposed in order to go that shot of the gun blocking the sun.

 I think also adding that green tone or tint to the shot it automatically makes the shot a little more overexposed. You can see this throughout the whole movie. Funny to say maybe that's partially the reason why all the agents wear sunglasses. Just Kidding.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Compose Your Frame

This photo was taken at Town Square of the Guitar sculpture. You do see a guitar in the frame, but all of these pieces of metal are actually sculpted into a much larger guitar which you can't see. I wanted to focus more on a part of the sculpture which this frame is showing.

Rule of Thirds: Because of where the guitar is place in the frame it contributes to the rule of thirds. The neck of the guitar follows the top line in the rule of thirds contributing to leading your eye through the frame. My eye tends to focus on the body of the guitar and the head. The neck helps lead my eye to either one, but also where the head and the body of the guitar is also where the lines in the rule of thirds cross over each other, because of this it makes the photo more pleasing to the eye.

Law of Continuity: This photo also has the law of continuity with the lines that separate metal circles and squares from the other objects that look more familiar to us.

Vectors: With the butter knives they create somewhat of direction on where to lead my eye either to the right or the left. Never up or down, because they don't point to those directions.

Diagonal Lines: I failed at composing my photo to get diagonal lines. If maybe I took this shot from a side view I would get a couple of diagonal lines and more depth of field.

Didn't even realize I actually took another photo that actually has a few better examples of Diagonal Lines and Vectors.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Design Presentation: Real Estate Advertising

Bad example: First off, where do your eyes go first? The two women. Knowing that this is a billboard you're not going to have much time to read and there is too many words for any driver really to be interested. This does not have simplicity. The phone number is really small. If they were wanting to receive clients through this way of advertising, it would be a good idea to have the phone number a bit bigger to read. This advertising billboard does not stand out, it looks like a typical boring billboard. This board does not give closure. I personally feel scattered all over the place, thus also not having continuity. 

Good Example: This sign is a lot more appealing to me. It has simplicity and closure. I'm able to group the phone number( being in bold and bigger lettering) and the lettering because of the color and proximity, and thus my eyes don't feel scattered all over the place. The first thing I noticed is their Logo, phone number, and the photo's. If those three things caught my attention first then they did a pretty good job. If I were to drive pass this I would easily be able to record the number and their company name.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Contrast, Balance, Harmony

   This was a photo taken a couple of years ago at the Salt Lake City Temple. I love this photo because it brings back memories of building tree houses growing up. I remember looking up at this tree through the view finder wishing that I could have had a tree like this in my yard as a kid

    We can see the evidence of the contrast and texture just looking at the bark of the tree. The shaded areas of the branches compared to the light hitting the leaves creating a more lime green color also creates some contrast.

    The balance I believe is shown through the color. You could go through and pick out the different shades of green, but in the whole spectrum of color you could almost say that this photo stayed in one genre of color. The certain shades of green and their saturation show that this tree is a live and therefor giving a positive energy. If this tree were dead it would give a more negative or maybe a feeling of content.

   Balance is shown in the  branches, and because of the size, the amount, and which directions they are going in has been able to pull of some sort of balance. Also how the green leaves are able to fill in any space that might be available gives it balance, compared if this photo had no leaves or branches on the left side of the trunk and ,again with the size, almost make one think that it could fall over.